Our recent shoot for Edward Beiner eyewear about “Craftsmanship” to be utilized in a newly designed website, social media and blog postings. The Assignment brief in the client’s words: “The images will be used as a part of a blog about "Craftsmanship" and how Edward Beiner designs around quality and attention to details. For that reason, we need to make sure it doesn't look staged. It needs a journalistic look, but with a fashionable touch. “Ed's big on classics, has a classic vintage motorcycle and car himself, loves classic watches, Riva sports boats etc. So I want to try and implement some classic looking items, like a turntable. I would like one with wood instead of vibrant, colored acrylic.” The shoot took place at 3 locations around Miami in one day. Ed provided the classic Austin Healey. We began at 7am at J Wakefield Brewing with the Austin Healey, Ed, and a couple of models. Leslie provided the hair and make-up, Ellie took care of the wardrobe. We shot the Austin Healey with the talent in the parking lot of the brewery in front of a cool Darth Vader mural, working mostly in the shade and with sun bounce reflectors.  We covered detail shots as well as the model shots with the glasses and then moved inside to stage the Brewery photos with a small group of talent and some of the elements that go into fine craftsmanship of creating a fine beer. We utilized Profoto B1’s mixing them with natural light so we could maintain the overall feel  and warmth of the brewery. After lunch at the brewery, we headed over to Hi Fi Studio and created the images representing “Hi Fidelity Craftsmanship”. I have to mention that Soren, the Creative Director on this and a good friend of mine, did an AWESOME job producing this shoot. He sourced all the locations, talent, etc... He also designed the new website and directed the overall production. Kudos Soren! The selects and combinations you see in the post are our creation. Soren picked many of these, we added some of our favorites and created the layouts. As always, I rely on my retoucher/designer/all round I can do anything resource, Chris, that’s instrumental in all this. The BTS was shot by my pal and very gifted Digital Tech, Zach. Chris and I did the edit. Please give me a call if you’d like to chat about this or any other projects!

My Friend Vinnie

Vince Foti, proprietor of Vinnie’s by the Sea and Kitchenetta restaurants recently challenged me to shoot some off the cuff images for an upcoming story he was going to be mentioned in along with several other restaurants.  When the magazine suggested they send their photographer, Vince suggested he provide his own and forwarded a link to my site.   I jumped at the opportunity to shoot in trade for Vince’s fabulous food and dining experience when asked.  Vince’s cooking is amazing! Though I rarely get the chance to shoot for “Local” restaurants or small businesses, working for food on a shoe-string budget and without models, stylists, a producer, was very rewarding! Did I mention the raw oysters…  It’s refreshing for me to show up with one assistant and my wife Sherryl who acts as coordinator, model, and art director to shoot fun and off the cuff imagery. We utilized my daughter and a few of her friends as models for trade as well!  Being the entrepreneur that Vince is, of course he had his eye on the cover and a feature, not just a mention. He challenged me to create pics that the magazine would use for the cover and a feature and that he could use on social media, advertising, etc....  In the last few years I’ve been getting back to my roots as a photographer and relying more on the moment and less on the “Encumbrances” inherent on usual advertising gigs. I love the intense craziness that I’m thrown into when it’s just us capturing a few frames per set up, bouncing off of patrons, loud music, and the crazy frenetic spontaneity of the moment.    I’m very fortunate to have my wife Sherryl work with me in so many aspects of our business and my daughter Alex, who is in the catering business and has a beautiful group of friends that love an impromptu cocktail party modeling.  I have a couple of great assistants that are willing to trade work for food too!   Take a look at the shots and videos we were able to create at 2 different restaurants in one afternoon/evening and the dawn shot of Vince, who rolled this giant fish on a cart down to the beach exactly 5 minutes before the perfect light peaked through the clouds!  And if you’re in Ft. Lauderdale, make sure you stop by Kitchenetta and Vinnie’s by the Sea. Tell them George sent you!  To see more of My Friend Vinny click here.

Collier County Tourism Love, Paradise. Campaign

We've shot for several tourism campaigns for various Florida CVB's, a state that forever has my heart, and the place I call home. It was truly an honor to shoot the Love, Paradise tourism campaign for Paradise Advertising. I love challenging shoots. It pushes me and my team to be more creative and resourceful. We are very proud of the results! Five days of non stop shooting stills and video to produce an image and video library for Paradise Advertising Agency and their client Collier County Florida, incorporating Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades. Working closely with the agency's Chief Creative Officer, Creative Director, Studio Director and Agency Producer, we tore into this project with all cylinders firing. Great props and thank you's go out to our Producer Kim and Agency Producer Laura for getting their arms around all the talent, locations, schedules, etc...etc...etc... Truly a complex and incredibly well orchestrated production which garnered the client great still and moving images to create a beautiful and strategic library.   Check out the stills and behind the scenes video and see how our clients garner great content and even greater value from our shoots!

Kamper Photographs Incredible Women for EQ Living

  We just posted a small group of what we call "Incredible Women" It's been a series I've wanted to do for quite a while and was inspired by watching my Mom managing and owning restaurants in NYC as I was growing up. Every woman is Incredible and Amazing in their own way. My job is to bring out that inner beauty, strength and accomplishment and portray it in the blink of an eye. Take a look at our blog and let me know if it's working.
  From our friends at Altpick:

Kamper Photographs Powerful Women for EQ Living

 Sometimes, dreams do come true; a fact proven recently when photographer George Kamper received the dream job by Equestrian (EQ) Living to meet with and photograph a number of incredibly accomplished women and their favorite steeds. The series, which had George travel across the country on a number of occasions, involves captivating personalities like Mindy Peters, Ann Leary, Kelly Klein, Martha Stewart, Eileen Rockefeller and Georgina Bloomberg. And as if that wasn't enough, George also got an opportunity to ride down beautifully green forest paths on one of Eileen's horse carriages!    

Mindy Peters

Ann Leary

Ann Leary

Kelly Klein

Martha Stewart

Eileen Rockefeller

Georgina Bloomberg

Click here to see more of my celebrity portraits shot for Equestrian Living on my website.

Where I’d Rather Be…

I started shooting collages in analog (4x5 and 8x10 Ektachrome) and stopped right about the time I started to shoot with Kodak’s digital prototype 35 mm digital cameras. Slow, clunky, and yet, very cutting edge for their day…   We were commissioned to create some collages for Kodak, which was ahead of the curve at the time, with their digital camera prototype and their very rad “Premier” editing system. We had begun to work in the digital arena very early on and It seemed then, that my multiple camera technique of taking a film holder from camera to camera and overlapping exposures on black, (sometimes up to 17 cameras for one final collage), had seen it’s day. Somehow doing it all digital had lost its romance for me. Additionally, once you’ve shot the pieces digitally, you’re locked in to those perspectives, etc.. With the old technique, if I didn’t like something I could walk over to the set and move it! Progress, right…   Of course since then, we’ve become masters of Photoshop and have created many collages for clients dropping in people, products, etc… But for some reason, I hadn’t been expressing myself with collages until recently. I just started this new series on white. The concept is “Where Id Rather Be” inspired by my many travels, combining my landscape and portrait work from around the world. I really enjoyed jumping back in the saddle and I would love any feedback!


Finding Atlantis

The Atlantis Resort & Casino in the Bahamas has been on my radar as a shoot destination since they opened. I’ve been visiting Nassau for years, seeing our friends and shooting in, around and under their crystal clear waters. I was thrilled to hear we were awarded the project to create a library of images of their water parks and attractions.   Creating artful libraries has become one of our fortes.  We often shoot under water and have become specialists at shooting lifestyle imagery around water, pools, and resorts as well as providing video and drone services as needed. You could say we create a 360° experience. Though it sounds somewhat glamorous, projects like this can be challenging and require a lot of forethought and specialized gear. We worked with an amazing producer and client that handled many of the important details. They coordinated talent and crew schedules getting us to the right place at the right time of day.   We’re very adaptable and have a lot of tricks and knowledge that we bring to the experience. We keep it light and fun and we shoot fast… so we don’t capture stale moments, but focus on authentic moments and having fun. We offer very strong support in post-production and retouching, We’ll often encounter a cloudy or rainy day that we transfix into a beautiful sunny experience. We don’t have the luxury of not shooting when we’re on a trip. We’re always shooting and there’s always a camera within reach. If you want real moments, you have to be willing to live in them, and I think that’s one of our strengths. We surpass client expectations and the challenges of returning from rainy days and challenging moments by loving what we do! We love our clients who allow us to bring our vision to their brands!    

While Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas was fortunate to have not been impacted by Hurricane Irma, the storm left devastation in her path across several family islands of The Bahamas. In service of the shared mission commitment made by Atlantis, to ensure a flourishing ecology and economy of the country, Atlantis has set forth multiple efforts to help support the rescue, regeneration and rebuilding of communities in Inagua, Ragged Island, Mayaguana, Acklins, Bimini and Grand Bahama. Atlantis will also use these efforts to support Red Cross efforts across the state of Florida, where many have been severely impacted.*

Atlantis Paradise Island has launched a fundraising campaign here on YouCaring. From now until October 31st, Atlantis will match all donations received dollar for dollar, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Bahamas Red Cross, and to the Red Cross efforts in Florida, up to $250,000.

*Atlantis, Paradise Island has also made a separate donation to help in recovery efforts in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Yoga for Life by Stency Apparel Collection

Stency Wegman's morning meditation
It was a wonderful surprise to hear from my friend and former model Stency Wegman. Stency was one of the two leading models when we were both in the early stages of our careers and working in Upstate NY. (Incidentally, I married the other one, my wife and partner Sherryl Kamper.) Stency and Wegmans Markets had launched her yoga line a couple of years ago and she was looking to us to create a fresh look to the photography for this year’s collection. The last time I saw Stency, we were on a trip with several Wegmans Chefs to Thailand and Japan to sample and learn about the various regions food and culinary offerings. Stency Wegman performing Eka Pada Padangusthasana B Stency Wegman performing Trikonoasana on rock Our mission was to infuse a new look to the photography for this year’s collection and continue the Wegmans approach of keeping the wardrobe, classes and DVD’s approachable for Wegman's employees and the average yoga consumer. We shot around Jamaica and overlooking the water. We had to be creative about how we could show off the poses and wardrobe while keeping the backgrounds simple and inspiring. Stency is a wonderful yoga instructor, model and client. It’s been a while since we actually shot together with her in front of my camera. We snapped into rhythm almost immediately, as if no time had passed since the days when she modeled full time and was one of the premier models in Upstate NY. We hired Alan Smith, a local Jamaican photographer who assisted us and we also relied on additional locals to help pull chairs and plywood to create a platform overlooking the water. We alternated between strobes and available lighting with sunbounces to create the look depending upon the position of the sun and time of day. Stency is the model in all the photos and does an amazing job not only keeping her look fresh and intense, but she hits the correct yoga pose almost immediately! I have to admit, I know very little about the variety of yoga poses and if they are being hit correctly. We relied on my wife Sherryl to keep an eye on getting them right and watching out for the wardrobe. We also worked with a hair & makeup artist who did a fantastic job keeping the make up and hair fresh and beautiful. All our BTS shots are from Sherryl Kamper. Stency Wegman performing Virabhadrasana Stency Wegman performing Vriksasana Stency Wegman transitioning to Baddha Konasana A

Swim Fan

I wanted to thank Carlos Suarez,  Publisher of Venice Magazine, for giving us another opportunity to create for Venice. We’ve been a fan of Carlos’s since his days at Ocean Drive Magazine, where he was the eye behind the creation of an Icon. He’s doing it again with the magazines he is helming at Whitehaus Publishing, and we’re happy to be part of the team.

Additionally, we work with a group of dedicated editors, techs, assistants, stylists, and models, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those that help us make beautiful pictures.

The whole idea is to make the story look effortless, seamless, and beautiful; often times, with a very limited budget, resources, and challenging locations. Creating a story takes a great deal of work, determination, and quick thinking to make beautiful moments out of what could be everyday banality.

Thank you to all the story tellers and picture makers I admire and hope to be like when I grow up.

Black and white photo of model poolside Closeup of model emerging from water Black and white photo of model drying herself off Black and white photo of model staring out window Closeup of model holding vintage video camera Black and white photo of model laying on bench

To see more of George Kamper's Fashion work please visit georgekamper.com

Stills on Set – Synchronicity

Balancing on a dolly taking stills during filming
George skating on the dolly with the DP

Shooting stills alongside a video crew filming tv commercials isn’t for the faint of heart. Foremost, you have to play well with others and know your way around a commercial film set. Additionally, you have to be a team player while focusing on what you’ve been hired to do -  stay out of the way and deliver great stills -   It’s kinda like magic. Now you see me, but mostly you don’t!

You could say I'm a pro since Ive earned 8 Tellies myself directing film, and have been shooting stills alongside tv commercials for many years. It takes skills that many do not possess, so Im excited to share with you some behind the scenes and final images from shooting alongside videos. 

Collage of behind the scenes stills from tv shoot

A quick pose shot with the director George taking a quick break on dolly cart

Collage of stills from various stills from the set\

To see more visit my website here.