As an advertising photographer who usually spends hours collaborating with a team of people to curate every detail weeks before a shoot, it was reenergizing to stand in the soles of a documentary photographer. Focused shot of Lacey working on her side kicks I’ve wanted to get back to the gym and start shooting real athletes again. Lacie, is a personal trainer as well as a serious athlete that devotes a great deal of her time working out in various forms. When I heard she was going to a Kick Boxing class, I was intrigued and asked if I could tag along. It was liberating not having to please anyone but myself. Just me, my camera and two kids in beast mode. Most of my work incorporates complex lighting and setups with models, art directors and clients. It was refreshing to shoot without any other voices, just being free to shoot and document what I saw while telling a story. It brings me back to my roots and energizes me to be more creative. Practicing side knee strikes on heavy bag Practicing low kicks with trainer Black and white photo of their regulation kickboxing training gloves Side kick demonstration and training Practicing low kicks on heavy bag Getting geared down after an intense sparring session

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