Balancing on a dolly taking stills during filming
George skating on the dolly with the DP

Shooting stills alongside a video crew filming tv commercials isn’t for the faint of heart. Foremost, you have to play well with others and know your way around a commercial film set. Additionally, you have to be a team player while focusing on what you’ve been hired to do -  stay out of the way and deliver great stills -   It’s kinda like magic. Now you see me, but mostly you don’t!

You could say I'm a pro since Ive earned 8 Tellies myself directing film, and have been shooting stills alongside tv commercials for many years. It takes skills that many do not possess, so Im excited to share with you some behind the scenes and final images from shooting alongside videos. 

Collage of behind the scenes stills from tv shoot

A quick pose shot with the director George taking a quick break on dolly cart

Collage of stills from various stills from the set\

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