I started shooting collages in analog (4x5 and 8x10 Ektachrome) and stopped right about the time I started to shoot with Kodak’s digital prototype 35 mm digital cameras. Slow, clunky, and yet, very cutting edge for their day…   We were commissioned to create some collages for Kodak, which was ahead of the curve at the time, with their digital camera prototype and their very rad “Premier” editing system. We had begun to work in the digital arena very early on and It seemed then, that my multiple camera technique of taking a film holder from camera to camera and overlapping exposures on black, (sometimes up to 17 cameras for one final collage), had seen it’s day. Somehow doing it all digital had lost its romance for me. Additionally, once you’ve shot the pieces digitally, you’re locked in to those perspectives, etc.. With the old technique, if I didn’t like something I could walk over to the set and move it! Progress, right…   Of course since then, we’ve become masters of Photoshop and have created many collages for clients dropping in people, products, etc… But for some reason, I hadn’t been expressing myself with collages until recently. I just started this new series on white. The concept is “Where Id Rather Be” inspired by my many travels, combining my landscape and portrait work from around the world. I really enjoyed jumping back in the saddle and I would love any feedback!