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Our recent shoot for Edward Beiner eyewear about “Craftsmanship” to be utilized in a newly designed website, social media and blog postings. The Assignment brief in the client’s words: “The images will be used as a part of a blog about “Craftsmanship” and how Edward Beiner designs around quality and attention to details. For that reason, we need to make sure it doesn’t look staged. It needs a journalistic look, but.. Read More

My Friend Vinnie

Vince Foti, proprietor of Vinnie’s by the Sea and Kitchenetta restaurants recently challenged me to shoot some off the cuff images for an upcoming story he was going to be mentioned in along with several other restaurants.  When the magazine suggested they send their photographer, Vince suggested he provide his own and forwarded a link to my site.   I jumped at the opportunity to shoot in trade for Vince’s.. Read More

Collier County Tourism Love, Paradise. Campaign

We’ve shot for several tourism campaigns for various Florida CVB’s, a state that forever has my heart, and the place I call home. It was truly an honor to shoot the Love, Paradise tourism campaign for Paradise Advertising. I love challenging shoots. It pushes me and my team to be more creative and resourceful. We are very proud of the results! Five days of non stop shooting stills and video to.. Read More

Kamper Photographs Incredible Women for EQ Living

  We just posted a small group of what we call “Incredible Women” It’s been a series I’ve wanted to do for quite a while and was inspired by watching my Mom managing and owning restaurants in NYC as I was growing up. Every woman is Incredible and Amazing in their own way. My job is to bring out that inner beauty, strength and accomplishment and portray it in the.. Read More

Where I’d Rather Be…

I started shooting collages in analog (4×5 and 8×10 Ektachrome) and stopped right about the time I started to shoot with Kodak’s digital prototype 35 mm digital cameras. Slow, clunky, and yet, very cutting edge for their day…   We were commissioned to create some collages for Kodak, which was ahead of the curve at the time, with their digital camera prototype and their very rad “Premier” editing system. We.. Read More

Finding Atlantis

The Atlantis Resort & Casino in the Bahamas has been on my radar as a shoot destination since they opened. I’ve been visiting Nassau for years, seeing our friends and shooting in, around and under their crystal clear waters. I was thrilled to hear we were awarded the project to create a library of images of their water parks and attractions.   Creating artful libraries has become one of our.. Read More

Yoga for Life by Stency Apparel Collection

It was a wonderful surprise to hear from my friend and former model Stency Wegman. Stency was one of the two leading models when we were both in the early stages of our careers and working in Upstate NY. (Incidentally, I married the other one, my wife and partner Sherryl Kamper.) Stency and Wegmans Markets had launched her yoga line a couple of years ago and she was looking to.. Read More

Swim Fan

I wanted to thank Carlos Suarez,  Publisher of Venice Magazine, for giving us another opportunity to create for Venice. We’ve been a fan of Carlos’s since his days at Ocean Drive Magazine, where he was the eye behind the creation of an Icon. He’s doing it again with the magazines he is helming at Whitehaus Publishing, and we’re happy to be part of the team. Additionally, we work with a.. Read More

Stills on Set – Synchronicity

Shooting stills alongside a video crew filming tv commercials isn’t for the faint of heart. Foremost, you have to play well with others and know your way around a commercial film set. Additionally, you have to be a team player while focusing on what you’ve been hired to do –  stay out of the way and deliver great stills –   It’s kinda like magic. Now you see me, but.. Read More