Kodak Releases New Cameras

Kodak released their new M and SLICE series cameras recently and used over 70 images created by George Kamper. GK created a custom image library for them to be used in their consumer ads, brochures, packaging and POP. The concept of shooting an entire custom library is not only cost effective but it provides Kodak a seamless look for these products.

George Kamper speaks at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta!

George Kamper was tapped to speak at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta last thursday. Jerry Burns, Department Head of the photography curriculum coordinated the event. It was a "Brown Bag" format where students and professionals attended while bringing their own lunch to the 2 hour talk. George showed and discussed his work, bringing his portfolio, a digital presentation and even shared some of his behind the scenes videos. They discussed everything from starting out in the assisting world to details about the commercial and editorial markets. Check out these photos from the event and to find out more about the Portfolio Center click here.

Check out GK in this month’s issue of After Capture!

GK is being featured twice in this month's issue of After Capture Magazine! The first article  is titled "George Kamper Fresh Light" and discusses George's versatility, fresh perspective and even what type of camera he uses. "His Range of expertise means that George feels just as comfortable producing a glittering product shoot for a jewelry company, as he does shooting hotels for the Miami tourism board. However, his real love is photographing people, with an emphasis on lifestyle, sports and fashion. His vibrant sports shots include beautifully lit images of runners in New York's meat packing district and a series of his teenage son wake boarding against a bleached white sky. Elsewhere in his portfolio are endearing school scenes, brightly lit images of young people on the street, and lush fashion shoots using carefully chosen palates." The article goes on to describe George's college years as well as his future in the photography industry. The second article in After Capture is titled "What's Inside? George Kamper's 'A Grand Holiday'". In this section, After Capture features artists and one of their images for a "telling you how it was done" piece. This month they picked George Kamper's "Trump Chandelier" image. All the details from the location and model to the post work and printing are all there, along with behind the scenes photos. Pick up a copy of After Capture on news stands now! Or..... Read the full articles here:

George Kamper Fresh Light

George Kamper's "A Grand Holiday"

The Kodak Challenge – 75 images in 3 days!

george shooting, while producer and creative director plan I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the Kodak Behind the Scenes Video. It makes me smile every time I look at it and relive the experience. The Challenge: Produce 75 images for Kodak to be able to use interchangeably for their new M and Slice series cameras internationally (this word has great meaning when it comes to displaying images globally!). These images had to have a stylized look to them yet feel as if they could have been made with one of the cameras. Of course we learned the demographics on the product and came up with several viable locations, situations, etc.. Did I tell you that we originally quoted the project to shoot for 5 or 6 days but due to budgetary constraints, we did it in Three! Yikes, when you do the math, that’s moving models, props, vehicles, talent, clients and a crew of 16 efficiently as possible! Oh, and we had a week to prep from soup to nuts! Model casting, location scouting, production coordination, etc.. etc… A walk in the park when you have the right TEAM. That’s really what I want to talk about, is the great Team I have and how much they all contribute to making a challenging shoot fun and rewarding. Firstly, I have to give Kudos to the Creative Director that came to the shoot. She was great to work with and had a great way of explaining to the clients and to us what her needs were and how we might approach the solutions. I’m not kissing up here; she’s one of the most important cogs in the wheel. If the CD or AD on the shoot isn’t a great communicator, all your efforts go up in smoke… We were lucky! Secondly, I work with an amazing Producer that has worked with me for a few years now and just knows what’s up! She casts, location scouts, orchestrates, comes up with ideas for shots, and still has a sense of humor if things get sticky on set. I’m lost without her (please don’t tell her though, she’ll raise her rates..). She can also be a bit of a drill sergeant when I’m taking too long to finesse a shot or trying too many variations. Believe me when I tell you, as an artist, I can really work those nuances that nobody but me sees…. Okay, so you think you like shopping…. Imagine what it must be like to dress a ton of models, in various outfits for various situations, including being on the beach and other situations where you would expect some skin showing, or some shoulder but can’t have it because of the global nature of the shoot! (see I told you, that word global means a hell of a lot when it comes to wardrobe!) In fact, when the CD first told me about it, she could hear me biting my tongue over the phone when I was thinking: Shooting on the beach- with their clothes on???? Yikes! TEAM TEAM TEAM. (At the end of the shoot when we stopped at the Delano for a midnight walk on the beach and a cocktail, the CD confided in me that she got a little taken back when I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of almost fully dressed girls at the beach and by the pool etc..) But we got over it- thanks to a great Wardrobe Stylist! Watch the Kodak behind the scenes video here.

George Kamper on location in ft lauderdale Shooting advertsiing photography on the beach George behind the scenes GK behind the scenes shooting 75 images for kodak in 3 days